postheadericon The advantages of joining a Muay Thai camp in beautiful country

Thailand is a beautiful country with many amazing beaches, tropical islands, rich nature and busy cities. This is a contrast that you will hardly find on another place. Thailand is also the birthplace of one of the most popular combat sports and workout techniques in the recent time – Muay Thai. This amazing sport was created by the people of Thailand who were trying to protect their families and land from the continuous foreign invasions.

In the beginning Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) was a martial art that had only few distinctive rules and every village had its own style. Starting from the 20th century this is a sport with strict rules and because of its popularity and diffusion there are dozens of Muay Thai camps in Thailand.

If you are serious about learning authentic Muay Thai (regardless of your goal – professional training or simple fitness training) you should choose a traditional Muay Thai camp with trainers who try to save the traditions linked with this sport. This is the only way to be sure that you are practicing this sport in a proper and most effective way. Most of these Muay Thai camps have classes twice a day (in the morning and in the evening) and they last around 1-2 hours. These demanding training sessions can help you strengthen your body and develop a discipline in a very short time. That’s why some of the workouts used in Muay Thai are implemented in many mixed martial art disciplines and they are also part of some fitness classes.

Furthermore, by joining a Muay Thai camp in Thailand you will have the unique opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Your training sessions here will be filled with incredible tours and amazing experiences outside the camp.

Those who are looking for a camp that is located on a good location and a camp that teaches authentic Muay Thai should join Suwit camp or Bestmuaythai@2014-06-09 . This Muay Thai camp located on Phuket Island, is working successfully for more than two decades and it provided its services to hundreds of satisfied local and foreign students. Suwit camp has its doors opened for every foreign student that wants to learn real Muay Thai, see Thailand’s natural beauties and experience Thai culture.

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